About this project

Welcome to the TFDB Website the online IFCC Database of PT/EQA Programs in Laboratory Medicine.

The PTDB database is the central project of the IFCC Committee on Proficiency Testing (TF-PT).This online database - web application is accessible via web browsers but also will be provided via specific applications for the major mobile platforms with much more functionalities and ease of use.

The roots of this database are the analytes (tests, measurands) that will be filed with all possible synonyms (one of them will be the "official" as proposed from the Nomenclature, Properties and Units (C-NPU) committee of the IFCC Scientific Division) as also as the methods (assays, instruments, reagents etc) also with all possible synonyms.


All register users can add any term in the database, although the application proposes similar ones if there are already filed, searching all the possible synonyms (according to the database of methods and analytes of the C-NPU), and if there is already filed they can "vote" expressing their desire for the introduction of a PT for this analyte.

Another part of the DataBase, maintained with the cooperation of IFCC Committee for Analytical Quality (C-AQ) is the PT/EQA providers section containing all their contact information, their programs with the analytes, frequencies, type of statistics, commutability of control materials, their accreditation or certification status etc.


The database will be accessible for consultation freely to all visitors of IFCC site, but only registered users will have modification privileges. The PTDB database links interactively scientific community of Clinical Laboratories, i.e. the final users of the tests, with PT/EQA providers, IVD manufacturers, accreditation bodies etc. and facilitates the search for a PT scheme for common but also for "rare" esoteric or new analytes, or the introduction of a new one if needed. Automated algorithms with well-defined thresholds send request to appropriate PT providers, if an analyte has exceeded the limit of the required votes, and if a corresponding PT scheme will be implemented the analyte will be removed from the list and the new scheme will be registered care of TF-PT assigned members.

IVD manufacturers want also to establish such PT/EQA schemes prior to the introduction of new assays (as for example, those concerning the personalized medicine and the companion diagnostics).

Moreover, this database – web application can be used for the tasks of harmonization project of the AACC in collaboration with IFCC.


  1. The Committee works in collaboration with the IFCC Committee for Analytical Quality (C-AQ)
  2. The Committee will work in close association with the IFCC Committee Traceability in Laboratory Medicine (C-TLM)
  3. The Committee will work in close association with the IFCC Committee Nomenclature, Properties and Units (C-NPU)
  4. The Committee will liaise with any relevant international provider of proficiency testing in laboratory medicine